Plain As Can Be


When it comes to appearance, lifestyle and any other decisions, plain is what best describes me. I’m not calling myself ‘basic’ either. I’m just unique in my own way and I’ve been called weird and/or boring. That does happen to everyone right?

Choosing this first blog to be paper white with black font is just the foundation of what I would like to build. To communicate and network along the way. Creating this blog is my first step to becoming the ultimate person I dreamt of becoming as a young girl. Along the way discovering new talents that may enfold. This is not your typical (well maybe this is) blog. ‘And’ and ‘Because’ may be used to start a new sentence, my punctuation may be off sometimes and my sentences may run on and on but through this journey I’d like for you not only to be entertained but learn something as well. #RunOnSentencesForlife

And no just because it is the fourth day of the year this is not considered a New Year Resolution. I took a risk, a jump, an opportunity (you get it) to start this.

It began a while back. I had searched how to start a blog. Here I was thinking it would be simple and free. Well one thing was right. There are many ways of doing it free but just like everything else that comes free there are literally no options on editing or creating what you truly see in your head.

Then came the decision to randomly start writing. What would be my topic? I am a soap opera and I’m here to share what regularly happens in my life. Perhaps a tip to share on the resolution of the dilemma and what I learned from that shenanigan.

With time comes change and new ideas. This may be my original but just stick around and you will watch the colors branch out of me.

Your input and tips are always welcome btw.



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