Health or Vanity?

What makes the gym so special during the month of January? Oh right, the somewhat of a commitment we make to ourselves for our New Year’s resolution right? It’s the annoyance of the frequent gym go-ers that make the “newbies” flood the gym during that time. My sister who was once a “gym junkie” would never miss a day at the gym. Hence the “gym junkie” name. Those of you who know her can remember how she attended the gym religiously. She would always whine and complain every new year due to the new and clueless people trying to get their bod back. And kudos if that is you, it takes dedication and discipline to get your butt back to the gym. I for one am one of those people. I make up excuses like, “It’s too early to go workout, I’d rather get my sleep” or “It’s way too packed at the time that I get out of work” (5pm is honestly like THEE peak of the gym and it’s obnoxious to be asked what rep I’m on so that someone can use the machine right after me). Irrelevant. The point is keeping your promise to yourself of holding that motivation all throughout the year and not up until mid February.

There are many excuses for paying for a gym membership but not attending.

  1. Yes, we get it. We all get very busy sometimes, or lazy.
  2. Old habits kick in. (My SO loves me and these rolls anyway.)
  3. I’ll go next week I promise.
  4. Who’s going to take care of little Timmy while I go?
  5. My gym doesn’t have child care/ my gym child care is way too pricey.
  6. I’ll try working out at home. *Watches TV instead and opens bag of potato chips*

The key to keeping that motivation. (I know who am I to talk)

  1. An awesome playlist with music that will make you run faster or add extra weight to that rep. (don’t hurt yourself now)
  2. A gym buddy! (As for me, I don’t like to be taking out my ear buds every now and then just to hear you talking shit about that girl’s cellulite. Don’t talk to me while I’m going hard on my reps PERIOD.
  3. Pinterest board with all the hottest babes in bikinis to motivate you. (Not in that way, pervert)
  4. Set a goal. (Weight or firmness…if that’s even a word)
  5. Just because you started to go to the gym doesn’t mean you can eat ANYTHING. Be more healthy and choose wisely. GUILTY!
  6. It’s not only for vanity purposes but for your health. I’m 27 and I was told in November I had high cholesterol. HIGH CHOLESTEROL people, I’m too young to be worrying about that right now.
  7. Setting a good example for the people around you.
  8. You’ve had these pair of jeans/dress that you received/bought that fit snug and have been dying to wear them. So work your ass for them. Literally.
  9. Go to Victoria Secret and buy those cute leggings/sport bras you’ve been eyeing.

We all have our own ways of pushing ourselves.

Since I have personally been victimized by President Trump and his Government shutdown tantrum I haven’t been to work since the 21st of December and I’ve had some extra time to work on my self.

I swear the gym is a completely different place in the morning at around 9ish than the regular evening time I go. One thing is, it’s a lot more mellow. AKA IT’S EMPTY!! Of course, not entirely but you get the point.

There is definitely a higher woman to man ratio and I had some time to look around while working out. This is what I’ve encountered so far.

  1. The young girls who go with a full face of makeup and hair done (curls or straightened) only go to pick up a “few” light weights but are on full prowl on calling out other girls on their appearance. Shame on them.
  2. The beefed up young dudes who are going HAM but stop to take selfies with their bros. (Who are they to blame honestly, it’s like the gym mirrors come equipped with their personal enhancing filter)
  3. The older gentlemen putting in moderate work but will stop in between a set when a young thang with borderline booty shorts passes by them.
  4. The young thang with borderline booty shorts..enough said.
  5. The MILF group getting their sweat on. I swear these are the ladies who be putting in the most work at the gym during the wee hours. They’re moms of course they’re not gonna be phased by the women mentioned in point 1 and 4 making fun of them. They give no fucks, let me just put it that way. Kudos to you MILFs!
  6. The couples that go together but when their SO’s turn is up the other one is out looking at the young thangs and MILF Group.
  7. And then there’s me…Clueless girl walking up to work out arms but coming out with a sore back and shoulders. WTF was I doing anyways?

This blog was in no way created to talk shit about my fellow gym go-ers or some sort of persuasion to make you go to the gym. Also, I hope this wasn’t a lesson either in any way shape or form with all these listings. We all have a place to start and it’s a learning process. I look up to all those who have been loyal to the gym throughout the years. It’s tough!

What motivates you to go to the gym? Do you do it for vanity or health purposes?



  1. SMH 🤦‍♀️

    You made some really great 👍 points and observations though…

    Everyone is self conscious and do it for a reason..

    Gym is for the likes of me..

    I couldn’t perform with others looking on with criticism and cynicism


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