An Abyss of Unknown Toiletries

Is it just me or the damn contents inside of your bathroom sink cabinets can never stay ‘tidy’ enough? Or did I just out myself with my constant, never clean and organized sink cabinet? #cochina

It’s day 22 of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Totally not bragging..No really, I’m not getting paid and the 15th will be a pretty much zero dollar deposit to my bank. Thanks Trump. Irrelevant. Hence the longest time I’ve been away from work since 2015. I’ve worked full time since then. So you can imagine I’ve had some extra time to get some things done. At first I LOVED it! Waking up early was a minus because I do have to drop off my little one at school. Other than that, I can come back home to have an awesome breakfast meal (My usual breakfast consists of a green smoothie and maybe a yogurt once I get to work). The gym is a wonderful time during the morning as well. One thing that I really appreciated is getting so many errands complete. I literally had a whole list of unattended errands and it was driving me crazy that only a few were getting completed during the time I was working. Most of those errands were being completed during my lunch time at work which sucked. Errands suck in general. Since I’m not currently at work I literally take my time completing them. Ok, so then what’s next on my list? Absolutely nothing. I’ve had so much time that I’ve ran out of errands to complete (and money too).

What does a momma bear do when the little one is away at school and their spouse is at work? Re-organize the whole apartment. Last week I found myself excited to reorganize my sock, underwear, bra, shirt, and pants drawers. It won’t be long until my stressful long days roll in and those drawers won’t be able to be shut due to the amount of cluttered rolled up contents that were shoved in there in the first place. I felt the urge to organize my husbands stuff too but knowing him he’d get upset. In his own mess he can find what he needs. Once I begin reorganizing one thing it’s like an addiction. I can’t stop. Organizing my closet by hanging all of the pants, blouses, t-shirts, skirts etc. (there’s like four different categories in each item by the way, not including the color) you get the whole wardrobe. I have to admit I stole some of my husband’s hangers too. How did I allow myself to get this disorganized geez! I now have an ease of picking out what I want to wear every day (It’s not like I have anywhere to go now a days any way).

One place in the apartment that gets visited often by everyone in this household is the restroom. Nothing I do (or pin on Pinterest) can make me organized in that department. It literally stays clean for a week tops. It’s extremely difficult to maintain the shampoos, the bug repellent (does that even go in the bathroom sink cabinets?) soaps, hairspray, makeup, tampons, hair grooming items and much more. I just noticed that the one important thing wasn’t mentioned let alone can fit in there is the damn toilet paper. Unless we know we are having guest. We know better to leave a few extra rolls out in reach. Otherwise you have to shout or phone someone (my husband or vice versa me) for someone to throw you a roll.

Everything in the bathroom sink cabinet is almost the same height so it’s impossible to organize from size. I’ve tried a shoe box to place all similar items in there but I end up tossing everything. I think it’s the fast paced lives we have been living we literally just open the cabinet door and fling whatever we took out of it back in there leaving it to be an abyss of the unknown toiletries.

How do you keep tidy over yourself and others ?(that’s another topic for later…cleaning after others.)

Please tell me your bathroom sink is just as messy as mine?


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