Life Balance

I’ve seemed to neglected my blog for some days now. School has started for myself and my daughter and the shutdown has gone away…At least for three weeks. (What is wrong with this President?) How do I get my shit together so that everything remains balanced.

Without having to work and having to tend to my school work it has become rather difficult to keep up with my blog. And to be honest it helps being here right now with who ever is reading this. I am venting to myself but not really.

My life was placed on pause for a short time and I had several time to myself. Since I am working throughout the day I have no time to sit on my butt to write and with my school work being online I just want to shutdown and shutdown mentally.

How does one balance the everyday needs of life?

I’d like to continue to workout. That’s another topic I’d like to share. Trying to lose weight. Although it’s not a “New Year Resolution” I am getting married (I’m already married, I mean the whole holy matrimony chabang) in May of this year and the last time I tried on my dress I weighed ten pounds less. (HELP ME GOD!) That dress was extremely expensive and there are absolutely no returns or exchanges. (Of course there isn’t)

I’d also like to keep my relationship with my husband and my daughter as well as my friends to be neutral or ongoing I guess I can say. I don’t want to neglect anyone is what I’m trying to imply. Just because I had some time to myself the last four weeks doesn’t mean that I’m simply too busy for them now.

School is also very important. Those who have taken online courses understand that it’s very demanding and there is a lot of reading involved. My GPA hasn’t really been that great so I’d like to pump it up with this years academic life.

Lastly, My husband and my daughter mean the world to me and staying in communication and on the same page are very important. I seem to neglect my daughter sometimes when I’m trying to have quality time with my husband or while working on my homework. Or I push my husband away when I’m fed up of all the daily demands on my list.

I’ve been doing this for the past four years of my life. Juggling school work, professional life, wife life, motherly duties and social life but just with four consecutive weeks off of 3/4 of what I just mentioned threw me off completely. I’m trying to get my grove back. It’s ok to ask for help. My husband is amazing when I get my homework done by occupying my daughter with video games or just talking to her or reading to her. Guilty as I am I like to work on my school assignments at work when it’s not as demanding or I don’t have any big deadlines. There is also a gym at my work so during my lunch time I run a mile or two and lift some weights for a the hour I have.

The weekends are great because not only do I have the time to play catch up for those entire two days but I get to enjoy them. I make sure to get all my school work done during the week so that I can play during the weekend.

Don’t stress out about your daily tasks. Breathe. Everything that you want in your life you will make time for it. If there simply isn’t enough time in the day then wake up earlier to get it done. Nothing is impossible if you have faith! 🙂

How do you manage your stress and daily to-dos?


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