To Flowers or Not to Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful thing. The beauty of it all is that there are many different types of flowers. Tulips being my favorites only because they’re not so common as roses. Don’t get me wrong roses are romantic and elegant but they’re not exactly my cup of tea. Sunflowers are gorge as well but I feel like the actual flower and the petals get heavy and start to droop. I can’t help but to feel sad when that happens. Almost looks like a sad flower.

Now, I don’t know the stats of this information but I do know that Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the most popular “holidays” to send and receive flowers. Today being V-Day I can’t help but to think about the meaning of receiving flowers and how it came about being a beautiful gesture.

We all love receiving flowers, don’t deny it. When I started dating my husband he randomly brought me flowers to my apartment and I was like, “Uhhhh, why did you spend money on something that is going to die?” (talking about the flowers of course not myself….I don’t know why I had to clarify that but felt the need to do so.) And I feel like since that day he was discouraged to send me flowers. Since that day I believe he has sent me flowers maybe about three times out of the five years that we will be celebrating in March of this year.

I love flowers, and he knows my favorite kind too. (It’s actually one of my biggest tattoos on my body as well) Every V-Day deep in my mind I low key hope that I will be receiving tulips at work or waiting for me at home but that day doesn’t seem to come. What can I say? I’m to blame for the reaction he received back on that day when he bought me roses.

The gesture is extremely nice but what throws me off is that I’m only able to admire these living, blooming Earth’s creation for a while. (If I’m careful and take care of them) Is that the meaning of not enjoying life to the fullest if I see flowers the same way. One day we all are going to pass on to the next life but what can we truly say about the life we once lived if we never really enjoyed it, right?

I’m honestly looking way too into this. They’re just flowers after all. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone’s day is filled with lots of love and joy! 🙂

Do you like receiving flowers at work or do you prefer an intimate home delivery or surprise from your SO?


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