Can I stop with the sappy shit for a bit!?

Lately, I have obviously been in a funk and it’s depressing. No Lie.

Chocolates. Shopping. New Shoes. D. (That’s my husband’s first initial don’t think I was talking about THAT. Ya sicko.) and just recently posting on here.

CHOCOLATES! I mean chocolates who doesn’t like chocolates? Unless you’re highly allergic I feel bad for you, but other than that I don’t know what your problem is with cocoa beans. They’re great for all occasions. Your birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, passing a class, snack time, bribing your kid to finish their dinner, PMS days, and of course any day dessert.

Shopping and new shoes go hand in hand. They take my guilty money that I’ve worked oh so hard for. But hey! They certainly know how to make a girl happy right? and in debt. What.

D. What can I say? We have high highs and low lows. And somehow I feel as if that’s needed in a relationship. What fun is it just to be “good” all the time. We’re people. We make mistakes. We are all entitled to our own opinions and ideas and sometimes that just sparks a fire within us. We clash. We fight. We love. We are one. Without him I’d be half of a person. That’s enough cheese to the cheesiness.

Starting to write on here has helped me so much with my anxiety that I’ve had to stop taking my anxiety medication. It’s soothing to pour my heart out on the keyboard to complete strangers who I strangely call my friends, or to any one reading this. I may not have many friends but with likes and comments I feel accepted and wanted and liked. I have no problem expressing myself to anyone on the computer. I am simply me online. Blogging is my way of releasing stress instead of getting judged and pointed the finger to. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas or new topics randomly and it makes me happy when I press the ‘Publish’ button.

Sugary rush, adrenaline shopping (whether it’s for myself, my hubby or my daughter), human interaction and my relationship with my computer as a getaway are all things that make me extremely happy. Quite frankly, I’m addicted to all those that I’ve mentioned. Without those things I doubt I’d be as giddy as I usually am, hyena laugh and all. I feel free.

What’s your addiction?


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