We all have flaws. Unless you are Miranda Kerr or Katy Perry. Or Orlando Bloom. What?

Even then they have body issues. The beauty about their fame and fortune is that they can go under the knife to create beauty and to avoid or delay the wrinkles and sag bags much longer than the average person. The average person meaning me. Meaning the people who don’t have that luxury or money. One thing for sure is celebrities also struggle when they’re photographed at their “worst”. Their body issues (so they call it) are magnified by the media and the paparazzi. Their image sold to the press only to be slammed and judged. I guess we’re lucky enough to say that “regular people” don’t have that problem.

The real problem is not accepting yourself. Entirely. From the outside.

I have had body image problems for a while now. Since High School I weighed 90 some pounds up until I got pregnant at 20. I would constantly hear from relatives and friends, “Omg you’re so skinny!!” I went up to 130 pounds but it was acceptable. I was growing a baby, my lovely AJ inside of my stomach. My once beautiful flat stomach with a pierced belly button.(what a rebel!) Now looking like a deflated balloon in result of the stretch of life.

My stomach probably has got to be my biggest problem in my eyes. I’ve gained a total of 11 pounds in the last 7 months and I’m not even prego. I’ve stopped working on myself physically. The gym has become a tiresome chore that I’ve chose to put aside. The food I’ve been consuming has become extremely greasy and unhealthy. And at some point of those 7 months I had high cholesterol. I’m 27 for God’s sake. How does that happen? Not taking care of your body of course.

My face is the second issue. I have been so self conscious of my facial hair that I used to hide from my husband when using facial hair removal cream for my upper lip. I also have little hairs that grow on my cheek and a little bit of hair by my side burns. I’m Ms. Chewbacca. Geez.

Although I get my brows threaded every month, they’re not always perfect. With makeup and pomade I’m able to perfect a “clean” looking brow every time. (So I think.) That too, makeup has really become a part of me. I’m used to seeing myself with makeup and I’m more comfortable with people seeing me with it on. Which is extremely sad. I have the need to apologize to people when they see me raw and unfiltered. For my ugliness.

And I know this might not be a flaw but I have this thing where I don’t like talking to people so close because I feel like my breath always smells. No matter the time of day. Only one person has told me to my face that my breath smells. But of course, children have zero filter. And she’s my daughter so as long as we’re doing homework she’ll eventually get used to it. Ha!


My husband though. He embraces every little thing about me. I ask if he can see my mustache and he laughs and says, “What mustache!? I don’t see anything!!” Now, I don’t know if he’s saying that to be nice or he really doesn’t notice it. I guess I spend too much time looking at myself on the magnified mirror. (BAD IDEA, DON’T DO IT) He loves my love handles and he loves grabbing them too. He constantly reminds me to be myself and to wear what I want to wear if it makes me happy. Beautiful is what he constantly calls me and to this day it still makes me blush. He encourages me to wear what I like. Stretch marks and tummy showing if I want to! It is because of him that I’ve fallen comfortable with my weight and not worrying if my brows are on fleek.

I have far more flaws that I would share but it would be never ending.

Most importantly, Be true to yourself and if you’re happy with how you look then major kudos to you! And keep at it! No one should define or have that right to alter your happiness just because the way you look.

If you’re unhappy about how much you weight start a meal plan or training but don’t tell anyone or document it. (I know how much people like to take pics at the gym..guilty!) Don’t complain. Do it quietly and surprise yourself with how many compliments and amazed stares you will be getting. You’ll feel better about yourself that it will become an addiction of feeling great and having a healthy lifestyle. Have a goal. If there’s a will there’s a way!


Do you dare share your flaws?


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