The Curse of The Khaki Pants

Hold up. Does anyone else feel like they’re back in grade school when they wear khaki pants??

Now, I only wore khaki pants during the grades kinder to 8th grade. I was ecstatic to wear MY clothes when I entered freshman year of high school.

The Elementary School me didn’t know shit about school uniforms. And I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t mind it either. Well besides the fact of growth spurs (which didn’t occur that quick btw.) they were stuck purchasing my sister and I’s uniforms. Which is another thing. We didn’t have daily growth spurs. My sister and I are clearly under 6 feet tall. Somehow my dad would buy us our uniforms two times bigger than our oringinal size. The sleeves to my uniform we’re supposed to be short but they reached my elbows. Anywhoooo.

Middle school me hated school uniforms. There was no way to express who we were when wearing these uniforms. Elementary consisted of kiddie colors for the top (Bright ass yellow and blue) and either khaki or navy blue pants.

Middle school consisted of the same khaki and navy blue pants but navy blue top, grey shirt, or white shirt. My parents only bought my sister and I the navy blue shirts so when we wore navy blue pants we were walking navy blue all over. It was annoying AF.

I might have started my period sometime in 7th grade so let’s say I was horrified of wearing khaki just in case THAT happened to drop randomly. If ya know what I mean. Besides the fact that my grandmother handmade our navy pants. Was khaki expensive then or what?

Then came High School. There was no way in hell that I would request my parents to buy me khaki. I was so over that phase.

It wasn’t until recently that I was in Hollister. (Yes, I still shop at Hollister. Their jeans are the most comfy pieces of material, and their shirts are cotton fresh!) Don’t judge me. I decided to purchase a pair of khaki pants and damn!! I have to say, they’re my favorite pants to wear to work.

They honestly almost feel like leggings. Ok, maybe I bought them too tight but fuck it. They fit like a glove anyways. But every time I put them on, I can’t help but to remember the middle school Laura. Cue the Good Charlotte and Backstreet Boys!!! The red and black plastic bracelets! The braces! The “I don’t have a straightener” phase PUFFY ASS HAIR!! God how I loathed Middle school.

It’s actually a lot harder to pair certain tops with khaki pants so they get worn about 3 times a month.

I’ve never told my daughter about this but I can tell she feels the same way about khaki pants. Absolutely hates them! Well, pants in general. She always has to wear skorts (skirt/shorts) with leggings underneath during the winter time. She looks completely ridiculous with them but it’s her and she rocks it! I hope to enlighten her with the pictures I take of her during this “phase” when she’s a teen.

It’s always nostalgia to wear those damn khaki pants.

What was your wardrobe back in your middle school years?


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