When I was young..er

It’s Saturday once again.

Barely changed out of my pjs at noon time. Not because I was lazy. But because I was all over the place at my apartment.

Breakfast time usually consists of my husband cooking while I clean up the after math of Friday night. It sounds wild I swear it’s not but our Friday’s consist of us binge watching movies or catching up on our shows eating nothing but junk. We’re little piggies. Our sleepy eyes and full bellies lead us to our beds without taking a second look at our junk disaster left on the coffee table in front of the TV.

Of course, cleaning day falls on Saturdays. And the only reason why is because when I was younger my mother would start breakfast and by habit we knew to start cleaning our rooms. Our responsibility.

When we got older we….or rather me! would clean the whole house without being told to do so. Only because I knew it made my mother happy when she got home from work to a clean house.

A lot of what we do now as adults or just our older selves has a lot to do with our upbringing.

The first time I moved out at 22 years old I found myself placing the canned goods and the ramen soup cups together in the same cabinet. The cereal and the salted crackers together as well. Somehow I believed this was the regular system until someone pointed out why I placed these items together. Perhaps their upbringing was different than mine.

And then I got married..again. The second time being the charm. The perfect but oh so different humans brought together. Because of how we were brought up there were much more differences and misunderstandings that confused the both of us. Not to mention my husband is four years younger than me brought so many headaches. But we’re here now and we’ve made it work. I’m happy and so is he.

I sometimes look at my daughter and wonder what she is going to be like when she’s a lot older and how my way of discipline and my love towards her is going to affect her relationships and her way of viewing life. There’s so much psychology put into this topic but I’d rather not rant. Besides I’m no psychology major either. We’ve made it this far, we can figure it out on our own. Or we can deal with it and alter our own future with our own decisions and action.

What’s one thing that you remember as a kid that you do now?

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