Started From The Bottom Now We Here

Let’s be honest. I haven’t really gone far from where I started but I like to see at all the progress I’ve some what made from the last five year ish. So I don’t even know where ‘we here’ stands for (Not at least in my life). I’m not proud of myself per se but I’m content where I’m at. Hopefully I feel different in the next five years right?

Last week, ‘self-made’ billionaire Kyle Jenner was on the news for well becoming the youngest self-made billionaire.

I have to admit. I DID watch the reality trash E TV series of ‘Keeping up with The Kardashians’ to find myself getting into more debt and trouble by keeping up with the latest trends. Who am I kidding, I’m not rich. And let’s be real, their fame is all thanks to Kim Kardashian for the sex tape she made with Ray J. You’re welcome big booty hoes.

Any who, as I read the article on this ‘self-made’ mogul I couldn’t help but to think. Rarely is it heard of a Kardashian or for that matter any self-made billionaire or any billionaire in general doing good or ‘giving back’. That, or I’m reading the wrong articles.

Kyle is in a way a billionaire because she was born in wealth. She was silver spoon fed and her sisters are already social media popular. For the media to state that she is a ‘self-made’ billionaire is contradicting. Did she personally take out a loan or a second mortgage to cover the expenses of the creation of her company? Is she in some way, shape or form a chemist in the lab creating her lip kits and fab eyeshadow palettes? No. She created her brand and with her big lips and help of social media followers count she was able to create revenue. Everyone wanted lip kits and within minutes those lip glosses (Which are the same damn thing from the Colour Pop brand just with her name on them by the way) were sold out. Even the damn website crashed. And the fact that at the time she started these lip kits were exclusively sold online only. I’m sure she’s making a lot more money by selling them at stores now. Hence the Billionaire part.

Now, I’m not hating on Kyle. I congratulate her on her success and her luck but is this something or someone we want to praise? An already rich person making more money? I’d like to see someone average be placed in the spotlight. A middle class person who makes it on their own. I’m talking, creating their own product with their own hands and selling it themselves. Getting discovered and ultimately making it big, bigger than Kylie. Something that benefits everyone and in the process creates jobs and saves people. Perhaps I’m asking for too much but it’s something that would really make me happy and proud.

It takes a lot to start your own business and more so if you are not born with wealth.

Younger, I used to ask my father, “What class are we in?” Meaning our socioeconomic status. He would look down at me and straight up say, “we’re not rich, and we’re not poor either.” And that always worked for me. I knew my parents didn’t have a degree but they worked their asses off to provide for my sister and I. To be honest I didn’t realize this until my high school years. It wasn’t until my first year of college when my parents asked me for a trade. If I were to give them a grand I had saved from my financial aid I would get their car. Which at the time was only two years old which worked for me. I took the offer. I asked what the grand was for and they said it was the last payment for our house. No more mortgage. I felt so happy and proud of them for being able to pay off their first home and myself for being able to contribute to this big pay off. I love my parents for all their accomplishments.

Humble stuff like that, that’s what I’d like to see. Show me starting from the literal bottom to making it to the clouds where all the 1% stand. Ok, that’s too extreme but close to them.

Humble or not, do you think you’re doing the right thing to help your future?

P.S. (I know this is not a letter but you get the point) soon after posting this I saw another article about Kim Kardashian-West paying a felon’s rent for five years due to his record. Fair enough Kardashian-Jenner clan. Fair enough.

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