Here’s to Underage Drinking

I’m not in any way, shape, or form condoning underage drinking but come on we have all done it. Let’s not be hypocrites.

So everyone has had those really crazy times in their lives right? The one’s where they are introduced to alcohol for the first time and obviously don’t know what limits are or even knew they existed. We want to be able to keep our liquor and make it seem like this isn’t in fact our first time. Whether it was underage or as an adult legally. That or I felt “unleashed” the day my father told me to come home, “Not too late”. The night was mine and I made sure to do everything I had been wanting to do since High School.

You see my parents were strict so I didn’t get the green light until I graduated High School. I was literally only allowed to go to High School football games and that it. My best friend was in the dance team for my High School and she would have the major hook ups for where to be Friday nights after football games. But ‘no’ was always the answer when I asked. I just noticed I said, “High School” like ten times already. You get it, my high school years were spent just going to school and occasionally going to games. That’s it. All though I didn’t really get to do much out of school with my classmates I still consider high school to be the best four years of my life.

Those four years I learned about a lot of things, obviously. I felt what love was for the first time and I also learned about heartbreak. I learned who was my friend and who wasn’t. I might not have had a whole lot of friends but the five girls that I called as “Best Friends” made my four years so amazingly great.

Sadly, I no longer keep in touch with all but two. I follow the rest on social media but we don’t really “talk” how we used to. And I’m completely fine with that. We’re meant to grow and sometimes it’s not with each other. But I see they’re all living happy lives with their children. We’re all moms.

Earlier I was driving and I remembered a house we used to always visit to drink and listen to escessively loud music indoors and sometimes outside. I find myself looking for THAT house every time I pass by that street and it takes me back to sweet nostalgia. The nights spent with people I barely graduated high school with and the best friend that stuck around to this day. It happens with two other houses. Each time I wonder who lives there now and if they only knew what went down a few years ago in the same place.

The garage where we would drink illegally and listen to music and play beer pong comes to mind a lot. We were too young to be out at bars so that was our getaway. The same place where we discovered Four Lokos, they seemed like they tasted OK at first but little did we know that they would creep up to us and FAST. The same place where I took one too many shots of Malibu. The one liquor that I’m not longer able to drink because of those nights. Or the Grey Goose my best friend can’t even smell because of an excess amount of shots on her birthday. They’ve left scars, but the scars we like to tell people about.

We all need those nights. The nights when we have no responsibilities and our only major real problem was which drink we were going to drink for the night. These rebel nights are needed to learn not to over due it as an adult and get into real big trouble with the law. The nights we meet new people. They might not stick around long but when you see them at the mall or at a public place and exchange looks you know that they know the same thing you’re thinking. The night you all raged face happily enjoying your drink in your hand not a worry in mind.

Do remember these times. The times where you were truly young and naive and just wanted to have fun. And when you had the chance you would make damn sure that you would take advantage of the short time you had with these people. It doesn’t matter if it was just sitting on a couch talking shit with a drink in your hand in a cold ass garage. Those are the best memories I love to think of every now and then. The many pictures we all took with slightly small sleepy eyes from the alcohol but our smiles big as can be. And if you who was part of that group and part of those nights are reading this right now smiling, thank you. Thank you for making my nights wild and free!

Because of those nights, I’ll have what I did in mind for when my daughter is around the same age and asks if she can go out. My mother once picked me up from a party drunk as a skunk and after that I’m sure she knew I’d be getting drunk every Friday or Saturday night I asked permission to go out with my friends. None the less she still let me go out. I’m sure she experienced that era in her life too.

Did you ever have a time where nothing mattered and you felt free and truly happy?

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