Pretty Pretty & Pretty Bitchy

There is nothing more unattractive than a person who has extremely great features but a shitty personality and attitude.

I’m not going to mention where exactly I meet or see these people but it’s been more than often that I’ve experienced “them”.

As a female I understand that “we’re all in competition with each other” but I don’t see how we have to judge or degrade each other by what we choose to wear, what we believe, or how we choose to put on our makeup. It definitely needs to stop though.

We need to empower each other to do better and help each other get the top. EQUALLY. TOGETHER. And with zero drama or envy.

I remember on my prom night two different girls had the same dress. (Geez talk about being unique right?) I was livid, and here I thought I would be the only one wearing THAT dress. To be honest I spent too much money on a dress I only wore once. And the price was the main reason why I thought I’d be the only one wearing it. I don’t have money and neither did my parents at the time. It was a miraculous payment from God. Meaning I saved (I know I SAVED) to buy this one dress.

My friends automatically in defense mode backed me up and said I looked better. Of course, the best friend thing of them to do. But in my head I right away pictured the three of us on an issue of ‘People’ magazine under the title, “Who wore it better?”

Is it cliché that the pretty popular girl in High School is also the bitchiest. (If that’s even a word) But why? A shitty attitude will always ruin a pretty face in my opinion.

How does that even happen? We’re all human and we all have a goal or goals in life. Why not make it a little bit smoother for everyone and be nice and pretty at the same time. It really isn’t that hard. I’m not implying I’m both because I’ve had some self-image issues.

Perhaps they struggle with the same, self-image issues and they close themselves off to people.

They choose not make more friends because they know deep down how they treat people.

Or they have tons of friends, all of which are the same as them. Or just really fake or have no feelings.

Is it really that difficult?

fyi, the featured picture for this post is me. And no I’m not a bitch. Well, sometimes I am but not on purpose. I was raised better than that and I know what manners and respect are. Oh and I’m always smiling so I look extra bitchy in this picture. Ok, that’s all.


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