When At Starbucks Bring Your Mac

Of course, you’re at Starbucks and you look to your left, you look to your right and there they are. The MacBook users.

Is it a trend?

Is it a special group?

Is it for popularity?

Who knows.

one thing is, it’s the IT thing to do when at Starbucks.

I myself can’t come around to working on homework or anything important.

  1. If you don’t come equipped with headphones/earphones it’s hard to concentrate. It can get a little loud at Starbucks and we all know they aren’t that big AND they’re ALWAYS packed. (I’m almost sure they lace their coffee with cocaine, just sayin.) I easily get distracted so I’m stuck listening to the man sitting next to me talking about iodine rich fluids. I personally like to listen to Debussy while writing my posts. Something without lyrics that ultimately relaxes me in the process.
  2. If you’re working on something important or something sensitive make sure you leave that for your house or somewhere more private. If you’re fancy enough you can afford to buy a screen privacy filter.
  3. You automatically get brownie points and kudos for bringing your laptop to Starbucks and looking extra studious or writing an important script. (JK I totally made that up, that’s what I imagined in my head when I see other MacBook users looking at what latest MacBook model their table neighbor has.)
  4. When in doubt, don’t bring your Dell laptop. Ha. JK, that was mean. I’ve become so materialistic when it comes to top of the line brands. Apple is one of them. What can I say? Their products are great and I never have any negativeness review towards the company.
  5. Another thing is, don’t pick Starbucks if you’re doing an interview via FaceTime. EVERYONE will be listening and low key judging. Especially if you’re using headphones you will be oblivious to how loud you’re being. The whole coffee shop will most likely give you, “Are you serious?” stares. Also, the interviewer will hear all the background noise as well as the baristas yelling out for Amy’s order for the fourth time.

Today was the first time I came into Starbucks to use my laptop. Only because my husband thought this would be a fantastic place to do an interview at. I know. When in the car on our way out he asked if I wasn’t going to take my MacBook and I low key was thrilled he reminded me. Great, I’m that person at Starbucks now.

Are you that person at Starbucks too?

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