Strictly Platonic

Have you ever been told that a woman and a man CAN’T be friends especially if you’re married and you have a close friend that’s of the opposite sex? (Geez, talk about run on sentence!)

In High School (Here I go again!) I met a guy my sophomore year in Tech Theatre class. With my luck, I didn’t have any of my few friends in that class and one of our first assignments was in a group. This friend approached me and asked if I wanted to join their group. Because of that class we became extremely great friends since then. He is one of my best friends and I truly cherish our friendship. AND IT’S ALWAYS BEEN PLATONIC!

My ex-husband hated him and would always keep me from hanging out with him. A little after my best friend and I graduated high school he moved to San Antonio to attend St. Mary’s University. We kept in touch via texting and we would always Skype when we had the chance. He would come into town every so often every year and each and every time we would hang out at least for a little while to catch up. My ex-husband would never believe me when I would tell him that my best friend and I were strictly platonic. He always felt like my best friend was trying to get with me or trying to corrupt my mind. He didn’t. Ever. Good thing he’s my ex. Anywhoooooo.

My best friend and I had made a pact one day that if we turned 30 and we had not wed or found anyone we would marry. But I never thought of it with intimacy the way actual married couples do now. Or has its been for the longest time. I thought of it as two people who loved each other but a love a sister has with a brother. Keeping each other company for the rest of our lives. And now that I think of that it sounds like a really bad idea. He is my best friend, never crossed my mind as a husband or soul mate. We were probably not in our right minds.

We are both 28 this year and I attended his wedding this past December. His wife is super intelligent, beautiful, and kind! And not to mention fully supportive of our friendship. Not at all fake either like the rest of his ex -girlfriends that would smile in my face just to talk shit behind my back. And hopefully he takes time off to attend my wedding in May.

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Although you live in a different city I appreciate all the times we spent hanging out laughing, crying, and talking shit about everything. You will forever be my best friend Winnie! I love you!

Not only is it my best friend but with people I work with. My co-workers consist of 75% of men and there is a handful that I heavily rely on and I see as really great friends. We spend more time at work than at home and I honestly love that I can talk with them about anything without being judged. That and it makes time go by so much quicker. :p

Do you think it’s possible for a man and a woman can have a strictly platonic relationship?


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