Have you ever lost sight of what’s truly important in your life?

It’s important to remember why you’re where you are at. Are you happy? Are you still pursuing what you told you yourself you were going to do five years ago? Are you still following your passions and your dreams?

I’ve felt as if my life has been at a standstill these past ten years. I’ve been hit with so much and I’ve had to make decisions I’ve never imagined I’ve had to make. As a High School student ten years ago I pictured my life so differently than to how it is now. I had very high expectations for my life at that time. I feel as if I should have been taught not to expect so much out of my future. We’re all taught the history of our country, how to read and write, and how to solve math but we’re not taught how to battle ourselves when older. What to do when we fall into routine. Of course, routines are part of our everyday lives but it’s bad when that routine continues for days, for months, for years. We forget what was the motive and the goal. We live just to live.

I have to say I’m quite happy with my life at the moment. This time is the chapter of my life called “Lazy Laura, Indecisiveness, and curiosity”. I honestly cannot wait for the chapter later on in life called, “I made it!”

What’s the current chapter of your life?

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