Photoshoot Ready

I’m no model but I like taking pictures of myself when I know I look good and I spend a good amount of time and money looking that good. (Damn that sounded conceited, but we all know we do it.)

Get your cameras ready.

Whether it’s a fancy, super, expensive Nikon or your iPhone X, Instagram or Facebook should be seeing a new selfie posted in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Don’t forget the lighting, the perfect position towards the sun and of course, the filter with the dog ears and nose.

My husband and I recently took our pre-wedding photoshoot and man! I’d like to give you all some pointers if you are to go through a photoshoot soon. Graduation, wedding, engagement or baby announcement (yes, that’s a thing now.)

Here are a few tips as I’ve experienced the whole day leading up to the shoot.

  1. GET A GOOD NIGHT REST THE DAY BEFORE THE SHOOT. Unless you have good expensive moisturizer that will make miracles happen to those bags under your eyes the day of.
  2. If you’ve got the funds splurge on a brand new outfit, makeup and hairstylist. They’re photos and they’re going to be around for lifetimes. You want your kids to see how their momma once had it.
  3. Make sure you eat…not so close to the time of your shoot and nothing too heavy to make you feel bloated or sleepy. But enough and in time to not feel light headed and weak either. Our shoot began at 5:30 and we had a steak lunch with fondue at around 12ish. I felt like a beached whale by 3pm but felt fine by the photo shoot.
  4. Stay chill before the shoot. If your shoot is in the evening make sure your day isn’t jam packed with errands and stuff in the morning. The day of I woke my husband up at around 7:30am to go grocery shopping only to let him know on our way out of the grocery store that my hair and makeup appointment was coming up in 20 minutes on the other side of town. Phew!! The glam team took a good two hours on my hot mess hair and face. They did a good job though but I came out lookin more hangry since we hadn’t eaten breakfast. Hence the steak lunch.
  5. Pick your outfit or buy your outfit a day or two in advance not the day of. OMG! After our steak lunch we headed to the mall to try and find matching color wardrobes. We had a total of two outfit changes for the shoot and had one pair of outfits we agreed on that we had in our closets. The second outfits took us an hour and a half to find at the mall. We were tired when we walked out of the mall.
  6. By then it was already 3:30ish. We got home at four and unloaded all the groceries. I’m pretty sure some of our food went bad but we still put it away anyways. We were already pooped so we decided to sit and watch a few episodes of the Office. Bad idea. The lack of time management not the episodes of the Office we watched. I set my alarm for 5pm. 5PM! WHAT WAS I THINKING?? We were supposed to be ready at 5:30 at the location.
  7. Get ready in advance, clothes and all. We rushed with our attires and packed our second outfit in a ball (well at least I did) in the backseat of our car and sped to our destination. We got there about 5 minutes late.
  8. Make time to find parking. If you’re going to pick a place that is in the heart of your city and know there is always events make sure you have enough time to look for parking, especially if there is also a lot of construction going on. Dammit El Paso.
  9. Make sure there isn’t any big events that might make your designated spot heavy with a lot of people. For our shoot it was Prom night for several schools so there was high schoolers galore EVERYWHERE!! It was safe to say we fit in for our second change of clothes which was formal and we totally fit in with the high schoolers. YAAASSSSS! I got called a “prom girl” that day by a random man. HA!
  10. When in doubt take comfy plan B shoes. It’s a photoshoot come on. Of course I had to wear heels with both of my looks. The first pair weren’t as bad but that shoot didn’t last for more than 30 minutes. The second attire had the most prettiest Steve Madden heels but the most PAINFUL pair I currently own. This shoot took about an hour and the photographer made sure we took advantage of the whole downtown area. I looked like a little girl wearing her mom’s heels by the end of the shoot I was in so much pain I could hardly walk.
  11. HAVE FUN AND SMILE IN THE PROCESS. I love the whole time we were getting our pictures taken. The photographer had neat poses for both of us and even solo shots of my husband and myself. In the end he showed us the pictures from his camera and I couldn’t have been happier. That or I was really surprised of the outcome due to the amount of money we paid this man.

I honestly cannot wait to receive our edited pictures! I hope these tips help!

Do you have any additional tips or recommendations for any upcoming photoshoots?


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