Battle of The Sexes

Who has it worse? The men or the women?

By worse I mean, who should get bragging rights when coming home? And by bragging I mean complaining about who needs to make dinner or sit and start watching the Office because their day was “heavier” than the others.

I honestly don’t remember how I did it all when my husband was in basic training for the Army. I had to stay behind with the little one, go to work for 8 hours, manage to complete homework with her, work out, and complete my own homework while still managing to stay sane without hearing from my husband months on end. Phew! That run on sentence tired me out.

But really, I don’t know if I’ve become extra lazy lately or what but I’ve felt as if I can come home lie on the couch without being given the stank eye to help out. Something in me has burned out and it’s worried me honestly.

Times like these I think of my mother. I’d come home from school, have snack, watch some TV, work on my HW and by the time I’d completed it all we would get called to eat dinner. During my oblivious time of “chilling” my mother would be slaving over dinner by herself. My sis and I had rotating shifts to clean up the kitchen afterwards. But besides the point, my mom also had to work a full time job her whole life, come home and cook without whining even when she was sick. Sometimes I guess my dad would feel guilty and would manage to whip something up really quick. It didn’t taste amazing half the time but hey, it’s the thought that counts. (AND thank God for Louisiana hot sauce which we would drown the food my father would make for us) Irrelevant. I keep getting off topic here.

The point is, we’ve established some sort of role based off of our gender and it’s stuck for quite some time. I have to say as women we have had to endure way more than men in a way by receiving less. For instance, in early times we were not able to vote, we earn lower wages than men and in some countries women are not allowed to vote. Men have somehow had it all their whole lives. Although, I have to admit. While at work my co-worker asked if I could laminate his son’s “draft card”. At first I thought he was joking but then every guy in the office started talking about their first time they obtained this card. As a man you have no option if there ever is a draft, again. You’re required to serve the country whether you like it or not.

The women are required to know how to cook at a certain age to be able to marry. Be able to be organized herself, organize her home and her children and her husband of course. We’re required to maintain the home clean as well as be able to put out at the end of the night. Damn, I did just say that. Sometimes, I’m just too pooped from all of the day activities I just don’t have it in me and I’m sure it doesn’t just happen to me.

My husband and I have some what changed those roles. We don’t have a specific person making dinner each night. Sometimes it will be me and most of the time it will be him. But one thing is that, who ever does one thing the other is expected to help out in another area of the house or be the sous chef. I appreciate everything he does for me and I hope he appreciates everything I do for him.

Would you say these roles still exist or there has been some change over the years?

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