Summer is coming and school is almost out, vacation time!

If you’ve had the luxury of traveling you’ll know it’s super fun and relaxing (sometimes you actually need a vacay from your vacay to be honest) to visit a new place or an old one that you really love.

Whether it’s out of the country, state or house a vacation is a vacation.

My family has always been middle class growing up but somehow my father would always have money to take our family of four on an annual vacation.

It never failed that we would visit a new Mexican beach (Mexico, the country Mexico not the state of New Mexico) every year. And it never failed that I would have a blast with my family. Not to mention getting extra crispy under the sun in the beach or the pool all day! It was a dream honestly!

Now that I’m grown I yearn to dig my feet inside the warm sand. I’ve been living on my own for about seven years and within those years I’ve gone back to the beach once and that was completely under me and my husband’s expense. Phew! Was it expensive! and that was for an all inclusive resort for five days! It doesn’t help that I don’t know how to be frugal so the trip was kind of saved for last minute (AKA put it all on the credit card).

In other words, it’s been a real slap on the face learning how to be an adult and how to save for important things like vacations.

It’s always fun playing tourist too. We can’t make it obvious with our big ass DSLR camera hanging from our necks, geeky velcro strap sandals and the whiff of sunscreen and big backpacks. Make sure to leave a little bit of moolah for excursions and nice nicknacks to bring back to your family (Or to brag that you were out vacationing). If the destination you are going to has a memorable History Channel worthy place of visiting even better! One thing I am going to say is if your resort is all inclusive don’t over do it with the free drinks and endless tables of food. First, drinking way too much never leads to anything good and second the food might be a little foreign for your stomach if you don’t go out as much. You might be spending your night having fun but the next day might be hell spent in the restroom or worse all day sleeping which is equivalent to you regularly being home anyways. Money spent on you sleeping instead of enjoying the vacation is no bueno. Just saying.

Also, is it me or you always overpack underwear. Like let me just pack 15 panties for this five day trip. Or let me pack three outfits for a single day! I think I’ll probably do a separate blog for traveling essentials because that’s just too much and too long to incorporate into this blog strictly about traveling. Which is kinda the same thing actually. Any who!

Out of all the places I’ve been too California has been my favorite. It has been the most memorable and the most funnest place I’ve visited. Not to mention having family out there is even better. I dream of living there one day……jk I can’t even manage to live here in Texas there’s no way I’d survive in Cali.

A vacation in itself with children is a whole different story too. That deserves it’s own blog and I’m making note of it so that one day I can include it with the rest of the blogs posted on my page.

What do you do to get to the vacation spot you love?


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