Two Different Sets of Lives

Fair Share of Medics & cops. When I say fair I don’t mean it was deserved. If that even makes sense. Just know that there’s been more than one instance. More than what I’ve ever experienced.

I hate hospitals. In my life there has been no more than two handfuls that I’ve had to be at the hospital. The majority of the time it’s been no good. It’s the times that I don’t like to remember and the times that make me cry.

A couple of times it’s been filled with joy. The miracle of birth. None the less one out of the couple of times it was painful. Since it was my pregnancy.

As I prepare myself to wed in a few days I reflect on the times that I’ve been with husband. A whole five years we’ve known and dated each other.

In my life I’ve been in my own bubble. My husband has talked about his past and I’ve compared it with mine. I hate to say there has been so much misfortune in his life and it hurts me to see him think so negatively about the people who protect and serve us in the community.

Due to past misfortunes, he created a pre established bad rep with these people. Those few instances have caused him to no longer believe and to see that these people are working to protect him.

As I was growing up my parents showed me a loving and “normal” way of living. The cops were never involved at all (unless we got pulled over for a traffic violation) and the hospital wasn’t a normal place to visit.

My husband’s though was different. He was raised by a single mother and was left to care for her two children at a very young age with no one to count on but herself. She’s a very strong woman and extremely smart and for that I look up to her. She migrated from Mexico at an early age and has struggled but worked hard to support her children. I was shocked when my husband spoke so negatively about the people I grew up looking up for help.

To this day I have learned to keep my mouth shut about these people because I know how he truly feels about them. My husband and I are two different people and we have very different views on almost everything. It keeps our marriage interesting and he makes me think beyond my little bubble. How clueless have I been my whole life. Because of him I have opened my eyes to a few things that seemed “normal” to me.

Thank you to you and your family D.

This marriage is going to be a trip. A good trip. ILY.

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