You Are You

What defines a person?

It’s not their gender.

Their sexual orientation.

Their ethnicity or color of their skin.

The amount of people they’ve slept with.

The amount of crimes they’ve committed.

Their families.

Where they live and what they own.

You are your own person. The decisions you make are just part of your experience in this life and don’t necessarily make you the person you are today. Plus, we continuously change.

We are able to express ourselves as a person through so many channels. Through communication. Through art. Through writing. Through looks even.

Humans have got to be the most interesting species. We have this one life and we spend it trying to survive and live the most comfortable lives we can.

We evolve.

We learn.

We make mistakes.

We fight against our own kind.

Don’t let anyone rule you. Tell you can’t.

There is no duplicate of you. Who cares what people have to say.

If you are comfortable with what you’re doing don’t let the voice, the looks, the judgement stop you from your true happiness.

Yes, live life under the “YOLO” motto but be mindful that you’re not a cat with nine lives.

In the process, take care of yourself. Spiritually, physically and most importantly EMOTIONALLY. So much can breakdown in your life if you’re not emotionally stable. Be grateful and humble while you’re at it because nothing ruins a beautiful soul with an ungrateful attitude.

Living life is perceived to be hard and complicated but instead of looking for what we want we have to open our eyes to what’s already there. What’s been there all this time. Take this time to take it all in and fully realize, THIS IS YOUR LIFE.


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