Mini Adults

Am I the only one that keeps seeing kids with immaculate makeup? And by kid I mean Middle/High School students. At their age I was learning how to apply eyeliner watching my older sister in the mirror poking her eye.

But of course, technology has proven to show us how to do almost anything. (Scary, if you think about it) Today YouTube has millions of people signed on watching endless amounts of tutorials, one being on makeup. There are a few ‘influencers’ (who make millions of dollars by posting tutorials on how to apply makeup) that make more money in a month than I’ve ever made my entire life.

I have to admit, when speaking or standing very closely to these ‘kids’ I feel JUDGED! Yea, my makeup isn’t spread evenly and my winged eyeliner may not be on ‘FLEEK’ but I’m paying for my own shit!

Tweens and teens are out here trying to be mini adults, and they’re fooling everyone with their full face of makeup passing as a mid 20s adult. Uh-uh Caty that highlighter and contour may fool the club bouncer but not me.

Not only is it that but it’s sad to see these young adults acquiring fake IDs and drinking at such an early age. Now, I know I’ve written about underage drinking but not to that extent of starting in early teens. That’s when the real problems in adulthood start.

Underage drinking is not the only problem but promiscuity as well. In the process of appearing more older the clothes seems to get smaller and smaller. Have you all seen what females wear to music festivals now? It’s literally pasties and a thong! With those clothes you won’t be getting much respect so I suggest that you have your big girl panties (more like string) on when attending these festivals.

As the generations keep growing the worries grow as well. I’m terrified of my daughter growing up. She copies everything I wear and it’s concerning. As you can imagine, with my envy on the teens I try and mimic their wardrobe and I pass as a 19 year old. That’s almost a ten year GAP and I’ll take getting ID’d any DAY! But with all realness young girls shouldn’t dress as such. Also, fuck you for being able to eat anything without gaining any weight, I’ve gotten to that age where I have to watch what I eat and it’s depressing, which also causes me to eat more.

Do you see the mini adults like I do too?

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