Why are females supposed to have a different mannerism than males?

When a man cusses he’s seen as spontaneous and cool even but when a woman cusses she’s un-lady like and “taught better”. As a woman I can say I can do whatever a man can do. Except pee standing up of course and a few other things that I’m missing due to my anatomy or weight capacity.

Growing up I played anywhere kneeling down and I wasn’t a tomb boy but I was told by my sister many times that I was rough. I think it was just my anxiety probably now that I think of it. But I was rough without even knowing it. I wore dresses with sneakers and never wore lotion on my damn knees and elbows.

It wasn’t until I started to see other girls have boyfriends. I saw what they wore and how groomed they were. Here I was in middle school, puffy hair, crooked teeth, shiny ass lip gloss and clear mascara with botched eyebrows.

My sister would do my hair every morning. Two little pigtails at the top of my head. Well no wonder my first boyfriend turned out to be gay. I pretty much looked like a BOY!

Because I am able to carry a child for 9 months, because I have a vagina, because I am a female I’m expected to act a certain way. Honestly, people expect too much from females. And it’s ok to an extent but this whole equality shit needs to be taken serious if we’re seen at the most highest.

What people are saying is that I can’t say “fuck” out loud and receive lower wages than males. When males can do both and get away with it because of their gender?

When did the world become so sexist?

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