10 Day Detox

No, this isn’t a post on how to lose weight. (I’d be the last person to seek advice on what to eat or how to work out by the way.)

I had been telling myself that I wanted to take a 10 day social media detox for a while now. With no over thinking, I went ahead and signed off and deleted (not deactivated) my Instagram app. Before deleting I made sure to track how much time I originally spent on social media. Turns out the week prior to starting my detox I spent 7 hours alone on IG. Which isn’t THAT bad, an hour each day for 7 days. Or maybe i’m just in denial. I know how us millennials get with our cellphones.

Day One and two were the hardest. I found myself automatically unlocking my phone to tap on the app where it was located. I might have done that about five times the entire day without realizing it.

By Day four I thought of quirky videos of posting then thinking, “that’s what I usually post about, how boring and unnecessary.”

I don’t have many followers and I’ve had my IG for a little over a year with 100 something photos.

By the seventh day I felt great. I used to check my IG and all the stories posted as soon as I woke up and it was sad honestly. I would get up tired and groggy after scrolling for half an hour lying in bed.

I have to admit, I didn’t make it fully to the tenth day. I gave in on the ninth day at NIGHT of my detox. That’s just me not having zero patience though. If I know your bday is on the 22nd I’ll probably gift your present or shoot you a text the night before. But that night was spent at the bar with my husband and his friend and I felt the need to preoccupy myself catching up while they caught up.

To be honest, I didn’t feel much excitement as I expected to sign on to my IG. I had three messages and two likes and two friend requests. Only scrolled through for maybe 20 minutes and got bored.

I feel like this detox was really needed to open my eyes. To show me what is really important and what isn’t. Sure, I missed a few pregnancy posts and other happy posts but what’s the actual point of social media?

Our generation has started to abuse of time spent on social media. Missing out on events we’re present at, not listening to our significant other, or checking it at work all because our eyes were glued to our screens. We have the need to share everything instead of living in the moment. And I get it, we want to have a picture or a video of that moment but if it’s important enough we’ll be able to remember it in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives. Instead that time was wasted holding on to our phones recording the moment.

Maybe, I’ll extend my next detox to a month. Slowly but surely leaving it behind and not having the need to have it.

What has our time been wasted on?

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