Love really is complicated and ugly.  But sometimes, out of the ugly comes something beautiful and full of life long happiness.

Co-parenting has been on the rise as divorce rates have increased. In the process of trying to figure out one another comes a tiny human. And in the end, you two figure out that the best for the child is if you two aren’t together. It may hurt for a little but the child is truly blessed in the end. Not only does the child have both mommy and daddy but another mommy and another daddy. Now, I’m not saying that divorce is great because it does affect the child and even more if they’re older. They might not want to accept mommy’s new husband or daddy’s new wife. That’s the tricky part.

My little one met my now husband at two years old and they get along great. I don’t know how she would react if it all happened at the age she is in now but she took it well for the most part. The situation was different for a while with her father but in the end there has been so much love given to this tiny human.

Co-parenting works best when you are BOTH being civil. It’s hard to come to an agreement when one is being sour and difficult. The law has to be involved some how and you are expected to see each other so might as well be nice, for the kid’s sake.

Denying the right for the kid not see their parent is WRONG! Especially is the child is heavily involved with that person. It’s not the childs fault and ultimately the child ends up losing. Using the child to get back at your ex is just pure evil.

There are sure a ton of different scenarios I can explain but they will all end in the same outcome. The child is most important and court will see who is deemed “best” or “fit” for the child to live with. The custodial parent will be known as the main caregiver as to the non-custodial parent as the “part-time” parent.

My child spends a good amount of time with me and sometimes I see myself as the enforcer only because when she leaves with her dad he spoils her with weekend activities and other fun stuff. Yet I’m left being hated by my daughter because I make her brush her teeth and take a shower as well as complete her homework ON HER OWN. I hope she sees I’m only trying to make her an independent female.

Think wisely before having a child because ultimately it will be a problem if you and your SO decide to go separate ways. It sucks to miss certain holidays without your child or just not having her with you all the time. You don’t fully get to watch them grow day by day.

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