Dreams, Wishes & Aspirations

With age come different plans, goals and aspirations.

when we’re younger we’re taught to be nice so that the fat man in the red suit will bring us gifts. It’s not really a plan or a goal but we instill from early December to the actual day of Christmas to be on our best behavior.

As we get older, we have not so realistic plans for our future and it’s completely ok. We think of graduating to be a doctor, an astronaut and veterinarian. All three to be exact! To be honest, once we find out how long (and how much) it really takes to complete a degree in those fields we opt out.

Then comes the time of adulthood. Where we are made to alter our plans every so often as well as balance a healthy life. Our plans at this age aren’t much of a dream but sort of a task. We are well known of how much work is needed to get to that goal and sadly sometimes we fail or give up. It becomes an every day situation to get to the aspirations we have etched in our heads.

Once you find your significant other you two share the same plans, well sometimes. It makes life that much more easier and “flowy” when this person you share your life with wants to share the same aspirations as you. Of course, we’re not all the same and we hold different views on a few things which not only makes us think differently but have different plans than you do.  

That’s when things change. A lot of things. In your life and your head. You start compare and ask what’s wrong with your aspirations. You question why it’s took you this long to reach your goals and why all of a sudden you’re in last place, as if it was a race the whole entire time. So there you go again changing your dreams and aspirations but this time to please others than yourself. You’re back at square one, but this time it’s going to be harder as you don’t know what you’ve got yourself into, once again.

Then you’re older, a lot older and you wonder of all the things you accomplished on your way to succeed what you originally wanted and it has brought you to where you are at now. Hopefully you are content with the end.  

Are your dreams stuck inside your head or are you fully executing them as each day passes?


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