Turn of Events

It seems as if all the special events in my life have NOT turned out the way I imagined them to be. I have a feeling that watching too many movies about those events are at fault..well, I’m at fault for watching them.

To be honest, and not to sound like a greedy prick I never got what I really wanted for Christmas..like ever. As a young kid once my sister and I found out the real truth (That Santa Claus doesn’t enter homes through chimneys, duh!) we were given a $100 limit on our list. I’m pretty boujee so I was modest with my list not ever making sure it topped $100, including tax and all. Now as an adult, I like to surprise myself with the gift I really want, but it does end up costing me a pretty penny.

PROM! What’s with theses “promposals” too? They’re almost as if they’re asking their SO to marry them in High School. Prom is obviously an important even in High School though, at least to girls.

My dress was extremely gorge and cost me a good chunk of my part time Peter Piper Pizza pay check (talk about a tongue twister). I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and my sister’s best friend (who was a guy) didn’t have a date either so we decided to go together. I bought my ticket so it made it, “less weird” I guess. To be honest, I thought he was gay all this time but he’s proven me wrong now with his wife and two kids.

Back to the dress. I purchased this dress at the mall thinking there was going to be zero girls with the same dress, let alone the same color. Turns out there were two, one with the same color and another with a forest green color. I was livid. Dinner was a stink. I imagined my prom day to be with a boyfriend and my friends having dinner with his friends (I guess we’d be dating each other). Wtf was I thinking honestly. To top it off his friends knew my ex which he attended dinner with us (AWKWARD!).

The whole night I didn’t get to sit with my then best friends. It sucked. I kinda felt left out because they sat down with their boyfriends..hmm.. To top it off my “date” had a quince (Mexican celebration of a girl turning into a woman, hence her 15th birthday) to attend the same night so we left prom early. I wasn’t invited to this birthday party so I was dropped off at 11pm.

Wedding Day! Well, if you read my “Rules and Confessions of a Bride In Distress” blog you’ll know all about it. Women have a complete fairy tale of this day and to be honest I never want to wed again for the rest of my life.

Graduation day! I had a really cool dress and yellow heels. At least I had my outfit on point. BUT! my grad party was the same day as my best friend’s grad party so they didn’t attend my party and I didn’t attend theirs. I think it also had to do that we were all on lockdown until we started college. Our parents were super strict like that.

Although I didn’t get to enjoy these special events I still had a smile on my face. I wasn’t a sour puss…all night.

Christmas is always great even if you don’t get what you want. You’re surprised with things you didn’t really expect and still love in the end.

Prom is a high school experience, it really shouldn’t mean anything honestly. It’s just a milestone right? I had fun in the process.

My wedding day was great too, the ceremony was my favorite part and i’m glad I was able to share that day with all my family and closest friends.

Graduation day is another milestone too. I can make new memories for when I graduate with my Bachelors for sure!!

I need to stop expecting so much and just enjoy myself. No more comparing, no more complaining.


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