Sweet Child of Mine

This blog is no way, shape or form has to do with the Rock band, Guns N Roses.

Who else has felt like a tired momma lately?

My daughter (7 years old) really knows how to press my buttons yet I love her to pieces! Her sweet little hands always on my face sometimes puts me to sleep or gets me in the worst mood (because they’re always somehow dirty!).

My husband and I are currently expecting and I’ve had a mix of emotions. For some reason I’m always saying, “My baby”. Just now I caught myself typing “I’m expecting” but it wasn’t just me that created the baby.

The mother has the strongest bond with the baby though as soon as it’s born and in the womb. The mother is the one that feels everything to labor pains to the tiny hiccups inside their belly. Breastfeeding can be tiring and painful too but it’s the most beautiful thing! The mother is the main nurture for the rest of the child’s life.

I’m not going to lie, i’m pretty scared on having my second child but I know it’s not impossible. You, tiny human being are going to be born into a difficult situation but we will find a way, together!

I noticed everything falls on the mother, even after the baby is not a baby anymore. While trying to co-parent with my daughter’s father I realized it’s always the mother that is called when there is a problem. No one can’t pick up the little one? Call mom! When it’s not even my day (court ordered custody) with her father. How is that even fair? I have to drop everything.

That’s another thing. The men don’t have to drop anything for the preparation and the time the baby has been born. The mother has to take time off of school and work to take care of their baby while the husband takes a week off max to help her. The mother has to endure significant (I can’t help myself with food during pregnancy) weight gain, postpartum depression, stress, and so much more on top of trying to stay sane with the baby. In the end it’s rewarding though, to know that you are relied on and needed by a tiny human being.

It’s definitely a terrifying thing to think about, being fully responsible for two kids at once. But that’s what being a mother is all about.

Being a mother is a mother sometimes.

Do you have any tips for a momma of two to be?


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