El Paso Strong

This may have happened a month ago but it still stings.

His actions did not affect anyone close to my heart but it did, my community, my family. My sweet, loving, crazy, full of so much culture and family oriented people!

The place I grew up in.

The place I call home, El Paso, Texas, the city of the 915!

He took the lives of our innocent people and the sanity of the rest of us.

Now every time I attend a social gathering that has large crowds I stop and think, “Where would I hide and shield my child? Where would we run? Who would I call?” I panic.

This weekend I asked my husband if he would accompany me to the memorial at the Walmart where this happened and all I can say is, I’m terribly sad. It honestly took me a month to get the courage to visit. 22 white crosses stood in front of me, all full of rosaries wrapped around them, pictures and flags hung on the fence covering the scene. The scene that no one will be able to see as “normal”. Kneeling in front of me was a grown man weeping, his hands to his face. Our city may be growing and bigger than it was last year and the year before but we are not strangers to each other but neighbors, brothers and sisters. At the time we went several people were there, no one said a thing, just slowly walking and watching what was left behind from our community. Then it hit me, the poster signs with bible scriptures, the blaming of the current administration, the guns, the mental health and the burning candles was all too much to see and to comprehend that I began to weep. All because of one person with so much hate.

How does this keep happening?

WHY does this keep happening?

This is AMERICA!

The greatest country in the world and yet we are turning the gun against our own people. We’re at war with each other.

My city will no longer be the same but together we will remain united and stronger than ever.



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