Forever 21

Not the store of course but more of the age itself.

Why would someone choose to be 21 Forever?

I’d probably want to be 30 forever. You’re a legit adult. By that time you should have your shit figured out (or not but that’s ok). Your family is just beginning to grow. And you’re not filled with regret from what you did the night before. (Save that for your early 20s)

Yea, you’re technically still young. (A long way from 30) But some people are still considered immature at that age. Which is scary because your legally allowed to do way more than when you’re 20.

I’m so much closer to 30 this year and I have to say. I FEEL IT!!! I’ve had the same metabolism my whole life where I would be able to eat anything and everything at any time any day and I wouldn’t gain weight. WELL, let me tell you now is the time God decided to put an end to that because this past year I’ve gained some real pounds.

The hubs and I went to the store a while back and I found this cute red dress with white polka dots! Just by eyeballing it And not trying it on I decided to take it. Well it turns out the damn dress wouldn’t go past up my BUTT!! It didn’t help that my husband was watching laughing the whole time. Jerk. Dammit! WTF! That’s when it hit me! I’m no longer able to do that and perhaps my size has changed! But, at my defense I am currently pregnant so I’m keeping the dress for my post baby bod. It will serve as motivation! For now I’ll focus on NOT buying new clothes, it’s depressing not fitting into stuff I knew 100% would fit.


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