For the Love of Hobbies

I honestly don’t know myself, as stupid as that sounds.

When asked what my hobbies are I honestly have to think about it.

“Like do I even have a hobby??”

I’ve found blogging earlier this year and posted 50 blogs so far but I’d LOVE to get paid for what I write. (Slow your horses Laura, your writing isn’t getting you no where right now.) But everyone starts somewhere, with just a few followers and a few views. Figuring out how to get an audience is more difficult than I thought. Not only that, I like to underestimate my own writing. I have an Instagram and just like my blog I don’t have many followers. I’ve tried posting about my blogs on there but no luck.

I wanted to try something new. I’ve been told I’m creative and I LOVE helping my daughter with projects for school if they involve decorating shit. So maybe that’s it?

When I was younger I loved making little paper ghosts or little pumpkin carvings out of construction paper and hang them on my door frame of my room. Perhaps I can add on to my blogs “How-to” section.

Although I don’t have or make that much money at the moment I’d like to make thrifty projects and post step by step instructions followed by pictures. That’s another thing. I feel as if I capture the reader’s attention with pictures! Lately, I’ve been slacking it with my blog posts and don’t post pictures. In order to avoid any “copying” I incorporate my blogs with my own pictures. It is MY blog after all.

Hope you follow my NEW journey! ๐Ÿ™‚



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