How to Make A Spooky Halloween Wreath

Yaaaasssss! This is my first ever ‘how to’ blog and first ever making a wreath. I’m beyond happy to start October as well as starting my ‘how to’ blogs!

Ok so usually when I go on Pinterest and search for things I want to make (because I’m crafty like that) I end up getting lost in the blog instead of the recipe or the ‘how to’ part. To be honest it’s annoying and I’m doing just that BUT only because this is my very first ‘how to’ blog I have the need to really explain myself. Not like Susan talking shit about her husband before posting her oh so famous cookies recipe. I promise to be to the point for the next ‘how to’ blog.

To start off this wreath cost me $19.01 to make. NIFTY and THRIFTY! I’m broke AF so this was great. I originally budgeted myself at $30 but then again I had a couple of materials at home.

Below are the supplies you will need:

1 – 12 inch wire wreath frame

Bag of Pipecleaners – (already had some at home thanks to my 7 year old’s school projects) It doesn’t matter what color they are, they won’t be visible.

Your choice of colored tulle. I chose purple and black. One spool of each should be just right.

Dollar Tree spiders

Dollar Tree ghost

Dollar Tree LED lights (which work FANTASTIC btw) I’m on night three of leaving them on for a good 8 hours and they’re still super bright.)

I purchased some Dollar Tree spider webs but only for backup. I didn’t really have a design in mind just a color scheme.

So there were a few videos I watched prior to getting started on it and I found a really easy one that didn’t require too many pipecleaners.

To start wrap a pipe cleaner (cut about 1/3 from the regular size pipe cleaner) on the outer edge of the wreath base.

Second, pinch the corner of the tulle you would like to start with and Insert it from the inside to wrap it with the leftover pipe cleaner you just wrapped on the base.

Third, puff it up. Pull the tulle out of that section to make a fluff ball.

Don’t mind my little one’s foot. 🙂 thanks

I had already started with black but purple is way more easier to see and understand.

Next pull the tulle from the inside just as you did with the first puff onto the next section of the wreath base.

And continue to do the same for the next section until you have three fluffs.

I continued to the top section next to these fluffs with the same color tulle. Be careful not too pull so hard on the tulle because you might lose your previous fluffs. Once you’re ready to start the new tulle color grab another 1/3 of pipe cleaner and wrap it to the base and then wrap the tulle on the leftover part of the pipe cleaner just as how you started.

Continue those steps all throughout the base of the wreath and you will have this.

Once you’re done you can fluff it up more to your taste.

Now comes the fun part of decorating. I hot glued the spiders on the purple part so that they were noticeable as well as the ghost to the bottom of the tulle on the top part of my base. If that made sense. I then wrapped the LED lights within the base so that they were secure just Incase of a windy day. Voila you’re all set!! My dumbass left the door hanger in the store when distracted looking at felt. I had those command hangers and glued it to my door.

Super proud of myself for creating this wreath for my first time. 🙂 hope you found it as easy as I did!!


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