The Start of The Second

The second trimester of my pregnancy that is!

I must say, for 16 weeks (officially tomorrow, October 6th) I’m feeling extra big! Aye how will I look at 30 weeks! EEEK!!

Yesterday my husband and I went to the mall to shop and that was honestly the worst thing a pregnant woman can do. Unless you’re going to a maternity store or section you Gucci but no, stay away from your most fav. Stores. I walked out of the mall so disappointed and sad.

Going into Pacsun I saw a super cute light blue dress with Daisy’s on it all over.

I thought, “well damn with these new boobies (the girls have most def. grown in size these last four months) this dress will look BOMB! And of course, I didn’t quite take my baby belly into consideration.

FIRST OFF, I’m used to putting on dresses from the feet up. That’s a big no no when you’re pregnant. And that should’ve been my first sign that this fitting wasn’t going to go the way I wanted it to. So on through my head it goes and this dress looked so good…but on the damn hanger. I should’ve took a pic. I just can’t dress like a hoochie anymore as an expectant mother and I don’t know how I feel about that this early on.

My husband was in the same fitting room as me when I tried on this dress and he swore it looked good but his face said something different. Lmao! He was being too modest.

The majority of my clothes I’ve bought have been small or x-small and now I vow to never buy clothes during the time I’m pregnant. I’ve tried maternity clothes but they’re so loose fitting I feel so out of my element. I feel like a pillow case, if that even makes sense. Ha!

From now on I’m staying away from stores. It suits me, I don’t waste more money I don’t have.


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