A Little Indecisive

To say you know what you want to get your Bachelor’s degree while still in High School is an understatement. First off, choosing a degree while still in college is dumb. I know we’re asked constantly by counselors, teachers and even our parents what we want to study but honestly don’t choose until you’ve finished your basics. By then you’ll have a better understanding of what it is you want to do for the rest of your life.

Either way when entering college you won’t be working on the core classes of your degree right away. You have to complete bullshit courses like Education 101 which teaches you that you shouldn’t study on the couch or a bed simply because it’s set up for you to end up falling asleep and ultimately failing at life. Wrong btw I’ve completed numerous assignments sitting like a pretzel on my bed but to each their own right?

Enjoy the last couple years of High School but also don’t neglect your future. Make sure to apply for scholarships who knows if you will be eligible for financial aid by then or if you will have enough to cover all of your tuition.

When completing your basics choose a community college. I know, we’re all eager to attend a big school and a university is where the majority of your friends will attend but honestly you will save more money for the same material. I’ve attended courses with the professor teaching the same thing at both the community college and the university. I was able to save more money to get a car at the end of the fourth semester with the left over financial aid.

That’s another thing, financial aid is a wonderful thing. Don’t fuck it up!!! Once your GPA drops or you start dropping classes you will no longer be in good standing, ultimately not receiving the same amount of money you received as last year or none at all. Trust me, it’s happened to me. I had to take a year off because I failed a course and dropped another…Financial aid wasn’t too happy with that so I wasn’t eligible for that whole school year.

I’ve been sooooo indecisive these past few years that I have to list the many things you need to beware of.

1. Financial aid is only offered for a specific amount of time at every institution. I couldn’t make up my mind on what degree to pursue and ended up reaching the limit of classes they can cover. No one wants to pay out of pocket for tuition, trust me.

2. Loans are the devil. I’ve had a few, but only because my dumbass made oh so wonderful choices and now I have to pay the price of going to school part time and work full time. Financial aid doesn’t award much money for students attending school part time hence the loans coming in.

3. If you absolutely need and depend on loans might as well get one. You’ll need to finish one way or another. Know your loans and when you will need to pay them off. Direct Subsidized and Direct unsubsidized loans. With Direct subsidized loans your loan interest is covered by the US Dept. of Education and a payment isn’t required until six months after you’ve graduated. Direct Unsubsidized is having to make payments on your interest and loan once you receive it.

4. You will change your mind a couple of times, try not to over do it though. I believe I’ve changed my mind on my degree about five times and it’s really no Bueno.

First started with Radiology Tech. First class ever as a college student was Biology 2301, I hated it. Or just the fact that it started at 7:30am is what made me so grumpy about it. Still Science is not my forte.

Second was Administrative Assistant…..WTF was I thinking wanting to be a secretary all my life.

Third was Criminal Justice, I failed THEE Criminal Justice class the semester I changed my degree to Criminal Justice. That was a clear sign.

Fourth was Business, yea no, Accounting and Statistics really kicked my butt! I was suffering bad!!

Finally, the degree I am currently pursuing (and definitely graduating with) is Media Advertising.

5. When you have a passion for certain things pursue them and pursue that degree! When you know, you know even if it takes you 10 years to finally realize it.

6. I never asked myself this but I realized that English was my favorite subject in school and I loved writing essays. When you’re finally ready to declare a major ask yourself, “What do I like to do?” “What do I find interesting and what am I good at?” That should give you a better understanding on the major you should pursue.

7. Don’t pick a major based off of the salary and only the salary. Yea, it’s nice to make big bucks for the rest of your life but will you enjoy it and will you be good at it?

By now I would’ve been done with my degree if it had been my number one pick. I graduated High School in 2009 and it’s already 2019. I’ve wasted so much time AND money because of my indecisiveness.

Be smart when choosing that degree and make a commitment to yourself to keep it until you graduate. College is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t take THAT long to complete if you put your mind to it.

I need two more years to complete this degree, I know great things will come when I’ve finally got it! I’ll make sure to look back at the struggle that it took me to get there though because it sure wasn’t easy.


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