Weeping at Target

Ok, not like literally balling my eyes out but I was able to manage swallowing the tears away. Let’s just say borderline weeping.

Target is the devil and I’m sure everyone reading this can agree.

It’s Saturday night and I’m five months pregnant. My husband asks if I want to go watch a fight with him and his friend. The last time I agreed it didn’t go too well and now I don’t feel quite comfortable going out with two fuck boys who don’t know their limit. Yea, I said it.

So in my un-passive aggressive tone I tell my husband not to drink too much and bolt out the door, no kiss no hug. I can be pretty petty sometimes, it annoys me.

There I am in Target thinking..

I just paid rent..all of it and I don’t have money but enough to buy what sparked the idea of my trip to Target in the first place. Best Friend’s baby shower tomorrow and we’ve yet to buy a gift. If I use my debit card and a credit card that has just a little I can get her something ok.

Ah, behold the $1, $3, $5 section at Target is the first little isle you see. They hold the most cutest junk EVER! My daughter loves to pick things out of this mini so called isle. Today it was stocked with Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff.

My next favorite isle holds the most random section in between the journals and the gift bags. Books about farts, weird kitty wine holders, and those little buff half naked men figurines that hang on to your cup. It’s the funniest little section. You all should really look up this Target section. My husband and I get a kick out of it all the time we’re not in a hurry to buy something. No one ever is when shopping at Target anyways.

Mind you it’s already around 8:30pm when I get to Target. This particular store closes at 10pm.

I know better than to grab a cart because I KNOW I’ll fill that sucker up and I don’t have the money for that so I just walk-in proud. I remember I have to buy a notebook for my daughter so I carry that under my armpit and proceed to the baby clothes.

Oh hey look there’s an empty cart!

I add the notebook and the cute outfit I found..(it was about $16 and it would probably be worn only once, hence newborns tend to grow fast) Since I found the cart in the diaper isle I thought, “might as well get them diapers too…and wipes of course!”

The worst thing happens!

I get an idea, a terrible one. I applied for a Target Red Card and was instantly approved but for only $300. I WAS LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE!!

I made sure to browse every item in every isle and by the time I made it to the makeup isle (opposite side of where I entered) my cart was FULL! FUCK! This is what tends to happen when I newly apply for a credit card and I get approved on the spot. It’s became a terrible habit that has gotten me in some trouble and now I’m stressed up the ass because of this damn habit! But I never learn.

Stocked in my cart was a variety of things that I’ll list below:

  • Notebook
  • Diapers
  • Diva dress for my best friend’s baby that costs $16
  • Wipes
  • Water filter replacements
  • Metal Spatula
  • Long sleeve shirt for daughter
  • Leggings for my daughter
  • Onesie for my daughter
  • super soft and stretchy black leggings for me
  • Maternity shirt/dress
  • toilet paper
  • canola oil
  • Gift bag for baby shower gifts
  • storage bins total of 2
  • Mascara
  • Cocoa butter cream

I’m sure there a few items missing but that’s what I remember. When I got to the register area there were NO open registers. It was already 9:50pm, close to closing time. I needed to be rung up by an actual cashier as I was going to use my brand spankin new Target Red Card and was provided the card number online when approved.

After finding a cashier that was wiling to take me I apologized and loaded everything to be rung up. Once everything was in bags I showed her the card number and evidently this was NOT the way people applied for a gift card. She called her manager and there was just no way. So I apologized, AGAIN and told them I didn’t have enough money to buy everything. It came out to about $270. I was sweating. I thought I was going to pass the $300 limit. Still that’s a lot of money. Because I was taking a while, they assured me they would put everything aside for me to pickup tomorrow. Little do they know I won’t be returning tomorrow due to embarrassment and a clear sign from God obviously.

As I walked out empty handed I thought, “boy that would’ve been a disaster. What was I thinking spending $300 I don’t have?!” That must have been a clear sign from God himself telling me to stay away from credit cards as I’ve already had my fair share of maxed out cards. I need to make better decisions as I’m going to be a mother of two now and things are going to get a lot more expensive. It’s best not to have too much debt over our heads.

In all hoensty, I’m glad the cashier wasn’t able to ring me up.

I felt silly in my car on my way home. I felt like those kids that get their own little cart and fill it up with whatever, little do they know they’re not taking home these items as it was all pretend.


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